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Civil engineers are involved in planning and design of highways, railways, airports, buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams, water supply & sewerage systems and others structures. Following the planning and design stages they are responsible for the safe application of the design projects on site as well as their management during construction. Civil Engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines and covers specialty areas such as structural engineering, water resources and hydraulics, geotechnical engineering, transportation and construction management.

The works of civil engineers have played a major role in the establishment and development of the modern society. Everywhere in the world it is possible to see the traces of the works of civil engineers. It is the civil engineers who have planned and designed the highways on which we drive our cars, behind the fact that the buildings in which we live in stand safe over the years there are carefully thought civil engineering activities, again civil engineers played an important role in supply of our clean water with the correct tap pressure.

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